One Word – 2017

The sun rose red over the palmetto trees this morning as I pointed my car toward the office. This last dawn of the year coasted into day while the waters of the Charleston rivers rested still in their beds. The morning stretched quietly before me. It was a reminder to me of the beginning. … Not the beginning as in a small time notion of a new calendar year, but The Beginning as in when light was separated from the darkness and the Spirit of God breathed eternal life into a formless void.

A movement which spreads from a few pockets in the online/blogging community is to choose a theme word at the start of a new year. Part of the idea is to pick a word to focus on instead of setting New Years resolutions. I have enjoyed participating in this challenge for the past few years, and can honestly speak to the ways I have witnessed the Lord shaping my thoughts and experiences around a particular concept. One year, my word was “embrace.” Another time it was, “new.” One year I waffled back and forth between “believe” and “know,” and I concluded they were definitely not one and the same.

This year, I am centering in on “wide.” Immediately as I type this, the children’s sing-a-long, “Deep and Wide,” begins to echo in my mind. Those lyrics are not a bad way to start off in my opinion. I certainly hope my waistline doesn’t get carried away with this theme, but I do want to spend some time thinking through the many facets of this word in the coming days. Widening one’s reach, widening perspective, wide arms of hospitality, wide eyes of wonder…

Here are some links to some sources of my inspiration:

One Word 365

Sarah Bessey: My #OneWord365 for 2017

What is your one word?

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