Obituary: Forrest Betta Gump

Forrest Betta Gump; 2011-2013
Dateline- Clinton, SC

Forrest Betta Gump, approximate age 3 years, died December 1, 2013 at his home. His exact birth-date is unknown since he was originally rescued after a brief time in a biology experiment at Presbyterian College. Forrest was the ‘best good fish.’ He enjoyed swimming, eating and spending time with family and friends. Forrest had many adventures including a year lived among a group of crazy college girls, a week or two lived in a blanket fort, a night spent in Greenville, a brief holiday visit to Fort Mill, and a beautiful summer spent in Montreat, NC. It was clear, however, that he was always at home in Clinton waters. Forrest was well loved by his adoptive family and was often thought to be wise beyond his years.

He is survived by his family, Kelly, Tyler, and Caroline. A private service was held this morning and was followed by a natural burial. Forrest was laid to rest in a grave marked by stones gathered from a creek-bed in the mountains of NC. His loss will be mourned and his memory cherished. He brought joy to many… May we do the same!

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