Burning Questions about Cremation: Memorial Jewelry

Growing up, there was a running joke in my household that whenever somebody died, we would cremate them and send the ashes off to California to be made into a diamond. (…….And people wonder how I came to be  a mortician……)

It was only a joke. (I think.) But it CAN be done! Don’t believe me? Look here, and here, and here! In fact, cremains can be incorporated into many different types of memorial options including coral reefs and even trees. The phosphates, sulfates, calcium, and potassium contained in cremains make many chemically intriguing possibilities.

More popular than these eye-catching options, however, is memorial jewelry (also called keepsake jewelry or cremation jewelry). Technically speaking, a diamond made from cremains is memorial jewelry too, but the kind I’m referring to is a type of product which has a hollow interior section into which a small amount of cremains can be placed. The piece of jewelry is then sealed and can be worn as an everyday accessory or for special occasions when there is a desire to have a physical reminder of a person close-by. Memorial jewelry comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors and can be personalized with engraving. To the unassuming eye, most memorial jewelry looks pretty much like ‘normal’ jewelry. It would be hard to really know there were cremains inside. Here are some examples:

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One unique type of memorial jewelry is something known as a “thumby.” Thumbies can be made for anybody, cremated or not, living or dead, animal or human. A copy of a fingerprint, handprint, footprint, or pawprint is taken and scanned into a computer program; the digital copy is then etched or wax-casted into a piece of jewelry. Neat, huh?

There are so many creative types of beads, rosaries, keychains, and other accessories. They range from glass roses which hold cremains inside their stems to plastic “LIVESTRONG” type bracelets that are inscribed with names and dates.

One of the best-sellers at our funeral home is a bullet shaped keychain.

Truthfully, the possibilities are endless. The next time you’re admiring a unique piece of jewelry, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn it was a type of memorial jewelry.

Do you have any memorial jewelry?

Is it something you would consider?

What type(s) would you wear? I think I still might go for a diamond ;)

2 thoughts on “Burning Questions about Cremation: Memorial Jewelry

  1. I would go for the diamond also, but since you are going to put me in a Folgers coffee can, you cannot have a piece of jewelry from me.

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