52 weeks

52 weeks isn’t really that long if you think about it. 52 Sundays, 52 Mondays, 52 TGIF’s.

Each week holds routines, challenges and opportunities. In the funeral business, no two weeks are ever the same.

Each week leads to another and another until we find ourselves here again, staring down the barrel at a new set of 52 weeks.

It’s January. It’s a new year! And think about it, this week has never happened before and it will never happen again.

I’m not one for resolutions, but I do see the value in stopping to take a good look at areas of our lives that need some attention. Whether that means sprucing up or re-prioritizing or whathaveyou, I wish you all the best.

I’ve always been a planner {insert funeral director joke here} and I like to look at things long-term whenever possible. I know that this year will bring many changes and challenges. One of those challenges being a national DUAL licensure exam (for funeral directing and embalming) in July. Which means I have approximately 27 weeks to prepare for it. Not that I’m counting.

Classes will resume next week. Books arrived two weeks ago and my nose will be in them for the next few months….along with work, and life, and death, and all the other things like grocery shopping and exercise. Maybe a vacation or two. We’ll see.

In whatever this year brings you, may you have joy and peace!

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